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Students eating on Parrish lawn

SwarthmoreCollege recognizes that academic talent has no geographic boundaries. Students from small towns and rural areas contribute a vital element to our campus community. Our Small Towns at Swarthmore initiative seeks to recruit intellectually curious and socially engaged students coming from rural areas and small towns.

在普通时期,我们的招生人员会广泛旅行,以与尽可能多的学生见面。今年,代替高中访问,辅导员可以参观我们的Information for Counselors page要了解有关如何实际与Swarthmore建立联系的更多信息,并鼓励潜在的学生及其家人connect with us virtuallyreach out to current students with questions. While our staff cannot visit every community in person, we want our prospective students to have the resources they need. We reach out directly to students in rural communities with email and print communications to help them learn more about Swarthmore. (Not on our list?注册以开始从我们这里接收信息。)

We feature interviews on our blog with current students who come from rural areas; check out Q&As withTara Cannon ’20蒂莫西·圣皮埃尔’21. Our问一个瓦蒂pageconnects prospective students with current students, including ones who can share what it’s like for a student from a rural location to live and learn at Swarthmore.

Have questions for admissions staff?找到并通过电子邮件发送您的区域院长.

Information for counselors

We're dedicated to raising awareness about the college access needs of students from rural areas and small towns. TheWall Street Journalprofiled our efforts to connect with these applicants.Inside Higher Ed's article讨论了如何斯沃斯莫尔values the ways students from small towns contribute to ideological diversity on campus. Andrew Moe, our Director of Admissions, spoke with John White, former deputy assistant secretary of education for rural outreach, on theRural Matterspodcast,以及戴文·斯威尼(Davin Sweeney)的主持人The Crushpodcast.VOA News与Moe谈到了居住在大都市和郊区郊区以外的招募学生的复杂性。

OurSwarthmoreAid & Access Guide [PDF]provides a broad overview of the many ways Swarthmore commits to college access, student support, and financial aid—and serves as a helpful resource for counselors, advisors, and community-based organizations based in small towns and rural areas. For more resources and information, please visit our辅导员资源页面.

您是对我们一位院长的虚拟访问感兴趣的辅导员吗?Let us know, or visit ourInformation for Counselors pagefor more ways to connect with us.